TBC2 cv input for crossfader

hi there-

i’d like to use the tbc2 cv input to control the crossfader. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t seem to find a way to set this up.

also, just an aside, playing with the feedback capabilities of the tbc2 is blowing my mind. you guys just killed it with this one.

I don’t think anything like this is doable right now.

the memory palace has what looks like the same kind of trigger input so I would expect the behavior of the TBCs trigger input to act the same

info on the trigger input from the memory palace documentation

so I would think the best you would get would be either

A. The trigger input can be assigned to an auto A or auto B type action where you are automatically switching from input 1 to input 2 over a given period of time.

B. You get a CV > MIDI module and then take your MIDI > TBC2

you can do B right now.
A would need to wait on a new firmware as I don’t recall seeing anything in the current firmware about assigning the trigger input.

but who knows maybe there will be another option…
where the longer you input gate the more a LFO runs at a given speed. It could also be a S&H where the gate input still ran the LFO but it only samples on the rising edge of the gate. So when the gate is HI the LFO will continue to run and then on the next gate off/on it would sample again.
just a little assignable modulator that can be driven by a gate would be sweet! With the speed controllable via MIDI.
Of course a CV > MIDI > TBC2 route would be more flexible and then you could use whatever kind of modulator but it would be pretty slick to have something built in.


thanks for the explanation, makes perfect sense. the follow-up question would be, what exactly does the cv input modify? is there no interface for selection like on the memory palace?

The trigger input (incoming with a firmware update) will allow you to initially control the media player playback options. Other features, like those described by @wednesdayayay are certainly possible in the future.


ooh it is going to be nice to start/stop via CV!
and using a clock driving other audio synthesis to drive the forward/backward rate of your clip playback (via a set of stills) is going to be next level.
I wasn’t even thinking about the media player

TBC2 is so rad


will these trigger input playback options work on the memory palace as well?

There’s many modules to accomplish option B.
Befaco’s “CV Thing” would be one of my favorites. It gives you a TRS midi out that you can plug directly into TBC2 or MP.


It is possible that Memory Palace will also have the trigger control of the media playback in the next firmware, but we’re not there yet.