Questions about Memory Palace


At this point getting Memory Palace would be a taxing decision financially, so I wanted to clarify some things about the CV control on MP.

I’m working on getting shapes / pictures / anything moving to a certain tempo in a synchronized fashion. I can create a perfect synchronized signal (CV data) using Sensory Translator and my DAW Propellerhead Reason. The question I have is if I use this signal to control parameters on Memory Palace - can I expect nice synchronized results? Like an image turning 360 degrees synchronised with my CV data’s tempo? I have used this method with my limited current set up, but expanding is desirable right now especially if I can really take control of Memory Palace using my Reason / Sensory Translator combo and get it to move things in relation to the tempo data.

I’ve only seen shapes built from ramps and still images connected to Memory Palace in videos - so it does not work with a video signal at all?

I totally understand the demand and back log issues with these sought after devices… realistically how long could I be waiting for a Memory Palace if I only place an order now? :open_mouth:

Many thanks!! : D

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memory palace loves incoming video signals
I will say starting out with something like a single ramp helps to understand some of the basic functions

I haven’t tried tempo syncing anything so I can’t really speak to it

as you can see in this video though MP responds to incoming CV nicely I was using the X axis of a joystick for both the zoom and (and inverted version of the X axis) rotation

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Wow so it does, this device really is crazy lol. Looks like a lot of fun limited only by our imaginations.

Still need clarification on the CV question and the possible waiting time but I’m pretty much sold, you are lucky you ordered yours when you did!

Thanks for your input!! :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone can give me an answer as time is an issue here, sorry.

you can have a shape rotate on tempo with the memory palace if you send a trigger to a envelope and the envelope to the rotation cv of the memory palace.

i did that on a video here at around 5:18


Sensory Translator to Memory Palace looks great. Whether it meets your sync/latency requirements will depend on your entire pipeline, but it my extremely short experience so far it compares pretty favorably to other options.


Thanks for your input and wow I really like your video, consider me subbed!

Thanks Dewb, I can create any kind of signal using Reason and Sensory Translator so it looks like it can do what I want it to do.

Somebody on Facebook just had one up for sale but another guy got in first, damn!