Memory palace feature request: slideshow/cv triggered image change

hi there-

not sure where to put this, or if i’m breaking any rules by asking, but here goes:

i have a feature request that might be pretty useful and might not be too difficult to implement.
i want the still images on the memory place to change occasionally, like a slideshow, without actually having to push the button. it would also be cool if a relatively infrequent cv trigger could initiate a still image change.

is this possible? is this hard?

thanks for taking the time to read this.


I’ve been meaning to request a similar feature. I’d love to be able to sequence photos with a gate or trigger input. You’d start by selecting and ordering the images, and then turn on cv triggering.


This was actually a feature I requested during beta that Lars implemented and we tested. It was glitching, freezing, and causing all sorts of problems and I suspect that it actually bricked my test unit at one point. From what I understand, the still formatting needed to be tightened up for the production version to prevent any issues. At this point, maybe it could come back? I agree – it’s a great feature.

Here’s a vid I made using the experimental still sequence function during beta. The stills are from a gradient collection I made that I think might be floating around somewhere. The sequence is a loop of 10ish stills that’s being cycled by a pulse LFO into the trigger input. You can see from the monitor that the patterns are concentric squares, but they’re glitched on the MP display. I was testing the output for use as a displacement texture for vector rescanning.


Interesting. Hopefully, that feature will reappear in the next firmware update. I used the MP as part of my rig in a performance last week, and the lack of a good way to sequence images—or even a decent button to advance them— made the MP difficult to use.

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i had an event yesterday where i manually triggered the images periodically. its a decent workaround, but i would really like to automate this so i can focus on other tasks. i’m glad to hear there’s some interest in this feature!

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