Use trigger input to load next image


I’m looking for some guidance on using the trigger input on the memory palace to step through images loaded in memory. For a little context, I am working on a live A/V set with a friend and I’m hoping to use their kick drum to trigger loading of the next image in a folder. I’m getting their midi kick sequence and converting it into a step function and can hit the trigger input just fine; my issue is what to do with the trigger in the memory palace settings.

The closest path I’ve found is triggering the A/B param in ghost mode, but this less than ideal for two reasons. First is that it’s not actually stepping through images; it’s restarting playback every other beat. The second is it looks pretty awkward. The memory palace doesn’t persist the last displayed image when the param is toggled off, and instead jumps back to the first image in the folder (or wherever the delay slider is positioned).

I also tried leaving A/B toggled on while triggering the Freeze param in ghost mode, but that just straight up doesn’t work. If I press the Freeze button by hand I’m able to freeze on basically a random frame, but the trigger input doesn’t seem to work on Freeze. This would actually be an okay workaround; I’d lose any sense of order in the folder, but I could at least update the displayed image to the beat of the kick.

I found this older post that seems to be asking for the same feature, but the thread is dead with no resolution. It gives me hope that there is a way to do this, or at least a better way than what I’ve tried.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!


Skip the trigger input on Memory Palace altogether for this use case.

You need to route that trigger into a sequencer and then route the sequencer’s output into the Delay CV input on Memory Palace in the modes that support frame sequencing (Paint, Ghost, Scene). It will take a good bit of tweaking to hit the intended frame, especially if the number of frames per folder is different. The less images per folder, the less precise you have to be in making sure your sequencer’s voltages hit that voltage window for each frame. Ideally you can scale your sequencer’s output to 0-1V range.

You could also consider running your trigger into an AND circuit along with Frame Sync so the trigger always hits at the top of a frame update. It may not matter with how MP updates on a new image load, though.


That makes a lot of sense, although it’s admittedly a bit frustrating that it takes another bit of gear to get this effect out of something as comprehensive as the memory palace. Thanks for the advice!

That said… I’m also not sure if I’ll be able to procure a sequencer in time, so I’d be open to other workarounds. Any idea on why triggering the Freeze param doesn’t work? It would be a great alternative, but I’ve fiddled around quite a bit and as far as I can tell the trigger just doesn’t actually toggle Freeze.

Sure, I feel you on that. It would be wonderful if that was implemented in the firmware at some point but that’s what the feature set is for now. I don’t think it’s been advertised anywhere that you can frame sequence with the trigger input. Definitely one of the joys and woes of modular gear, there’s always that one extra function you need…

I haven’t messed with this myself but have you attempted to control Memory Palace with MIDI? If you can get the Delay parameter under MIDI control, then you may be able to avoid having to procure a modular format sequencer for now and use whatever hardware/software MIDI controllers you can get your hands on.

Not sure about the issue you’re having with the trigger input routed to Freeze in Ghost mode as I haven’t tried that myself, sorry.


Freeze works in tandem with Clear, so externally triggering the Freeze button alone doesn’t have the same effect. It’s not ideal. There is some discussion about Freeze, Clear, and triggering in the firmware suggestions thread, so we should see some better options for those functions in the forthcoming firmware update.