Still images (for processing via Memory palace)


so with some new info about the memory palace I thought now is the time to start the still image discussion

first and most importantly
I’m sure you have already all thought about it
what is the first still image you want to process via the internal storage on the memory palace?

I’ll start off by saying Lisa frank will be my number one

trapper keeper feedback here I come

so beyond that I would love to see eventually (not sure how best to achieve this other than just sharing them here) all of the participants on this forum submitting a folder of images specially selected by them and exported with the proper settings.

a place to start for newcomers
a way to get to know each other
growing the community

would anyone like to participate?


Love it!!
The zip files in the firmware repositories contain some examples:

Currently I’m working on building more robust UI for still image selection and loading. The units are all shipping with a 4GB SD card, which is enough for thousands of images, but currently only the first 32 subfolders of the “stills” directory are loaded.

There’s also going to be an animation and motion graphics mode implementation, that allows you to scrub thru your selected stills folder with the Delay parameter, for pseudo-video sampler capabilities, and I’d like to implement a snapshot function as well, that can save the current buffer to a new still (for further loading and processing.) Additionally, I’d like to add a scripting function for algorithmically generated stills (like ramps and other gradient patterns) which are generated at run time.

This area is going to be a WIP progress for a while, it’s going to be fun to see it develop.