Memory Palace V19 Beta Dec 2019

As promised, we have a new version of Memory Palace firmware for you all to try. At this time, there are some rough edges and still a lot of work to do. We plan to have V19 wrapped up at the same time TBC2 ships, since they will share a common code base. If you’re happy with the current firmware and don’t want to disturb any projects or performances in progress, you should stick with V18 until we get to that point.

BUT! If you’re anxious for some really powerful new features and performance improvements and want to be part of the refinement process, jump on board the V19 train and help us out. We’ll keep this thread updated with a known issues list and welcome your feedback or bug reports as comments here.

Download firmware here:
Installation instructions: Memory Palace User Guide

Major Features / Enhancements

  • 60Hz recursion speeds allow more fluid feedback
  • Enhanced user interface/menu (WIP)
  • Screen vs Vertex positioning (SPACE menu page)
  • Vertex capture and displacement via Alpha+Aux inputs (SPACE menu page)
  • Selectable mirror modes (SPACE menu page)
  • Adjustable warp vertex masking (SPACE menu page) for bit reduction or turning off filtering
  • Selection of Internal vs SD Card memory
  • Improved media loader. Will now load still images at any size up to max buffer dimensions 720x576. Can use either storage space for media.
  • USB access and media file scanning should be MacOS compatible
  • Groundwork has been laid down for a much more extensive list of functions we’re excited to implement

Known Issues / Work In Progress

  • MIDI and Trigger controls are disabled.
  • CV/parameter ranges and display of values in the GUI needs some tweaking
  • Various GUI display rough edges (lots more planned)
  • Clear button unfreezes the ARGB input but does not clear the frame
  • DVI output should be working but needs more testing
  • Thumbnails won’t load from original still image sets as-is
  • Freeze function not working?
  • Settings not saved through power cycle

Updates Since Original Post

  • 12/24/2019 12:17PM PST – Fixed paint mode, added ghost, fxkey and keyfx modes

Is this anything like displacement mapping / remapping? I’ve used both in ffmpeg with happy results, but not realtime, live use. I’d love to see this done in an Orion module - so, could this be it?


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Yes, displacement mapping is exactly what this is.


Yay! Excellent, thanks.

Moving this post here:
I was just watching the Jones framebuffer DVD from the ETC ‘Early video instruments’ set. One interesting feature is the ability to add a single image into a specific frame of the frame buffer (i.e., frame 12/30, repeating once each second). I’m going to start trying the new memory palace firmware beta today, but I was wondering if the ability to insert a frame into the framebuffer is a possible future firmware feature.


Don’t know if it’s related to the update. My freeze function has ceased to work.

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Finally got a chance to install this yesterday. The 60Hz feedback is beeaaautiful.


it says in the known issues the Freeze function not working.
Also the trigger and midi jacks dont work.

i am waiting for them to fix that before i install this firmware as i use those alot in my patches

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Finally got my MEMPAL upgraded and loving it. Found a bug with the DVI output, recording DVI/HDMI > HDMI input on Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt). Anyone else having this issue?

Is the black bar stationary, or does it move?
What is your sync source? What other modules are in this patch?

DVI issues are known and will be fixed in the next update.


Thanks, Lars. Sync source is VC and Nav/SC/Curtain are the only other modules in the patch.

Does the A/B button still work? Trying to set it up to toggle between Luma and Chroma keying but I can’t seem to. I didn’t use the A/B functionality heavily in V18 so it could be user error.

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I installed it a few days ago, I barely had the chance to use it, really. but what I miss about original v18 firmware is the first screen that kind of lets you know all the stats about everything. working live that’s a huge help, because having to navigate through all the menus to check everything on a screen that small in the middle of doing a live set it’s not ideal…


Yeah I miss that too.

Maybe would be cool continue w a stats screen as the topmost level - where there’s no changeable params, just the various params & what their respective values be.

Having same issue on DVI output. Stationary centered black bar just like giants cap. It’s actually some kind of mirroring or duplicating in my case.

When do you expect to drop that update @creatorlars?

agreed, same here, would like to see this return in a future update

Another vote for a ‘dashboard’ view option. That said with the new zeroing and snap to value functionality, I did it less necessary than the shipping version.


Dashboards are definitely the plan! The GUI design we’re fleshing out has a dashboard style view of main sections from the home screen (so on the home page, you’ll be able to toggle between a few different dashboard overviews, which you can then “enter” to edit parameters on the sub page.)


What is this new mysterious functionality you speak of? I have not delved deep into the new firmware.