LZX Production Status Pt2, Updated Nov 21 2018

Hello folks! I’m dipping my head up from a grueling but fun month of Memory Palace software development to make this update. We’ve had a productive month, with over 100 Vidiots in the mail, Prismatic Ray built, and the production runs launched for Memory Palace and Escher Sketch. We know we’re running behind on some of our originally estimated shipment dates for backorders and preorders. We haven’t forgotten you. Our utmost priority is shipping all orders in the order they were received, as soon as possible.

We have a lot of plans to make stocking and production run more smoothly in the new year. In the meantime, a gentle reminder that we are a small team and all of this gear is both designed and hand built by a very small team of hardworking souls. We’re doing the best we can to juggle our resources to make it all possible as soon as we can, without sacrificing the values of how and why we make the gear we do. Thank you for your support! If you have questions about your order, please e-mail us at sales@lzxindustries.net.

Recent Production
100x Prismatic Ray (in stock now, about 30 units available)
100x Vidiot (sold out, all shipped to backorder customers in November)
50x Visual Cortex (sold out)

Current Production
125x Vidiot (allocated to fill all remaining backorders, we’re making weekly progress)
100x Memory Palace (shipment ETA mid-December, ONLY 5 units available for preorder)
100x Escher Sketch (shipment ETA mid-December, 40 units available for preorder)

Pending New Releases Queue
100x Diver
100x TBC2
100x Fortress

Pending Restocks Queue
100x Shapechanger
100x Staircase
100x Doorway
all out of stock items will be added to this list early in the new year