Memory Palace delay

Sorry to ask this as I know an effort has been made to address these questions.

However I’d really like to know what kind of wait I could expect if I order a Memory Palace now. If it’s going to take over a year for instance it may not be worth investing in for me.

Can anyone estimate a ball park date considering the demand issues?


You can look here for timelines on module manufacturing dates. I think you would be looking at early August.

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Actually early August is only when production of the next batch begins which has already all been pre-ordered. My order would be after these and perhaps production of other modules would take place after this batch, so it really could be a substantial wait. Thanks all the same.

Really hoping one of the LZX thunder gods can chime in here and give me a rough idea.

I’m pretty sure someone was selling one on the LZX group on facebook I don’t know that it is still up there as there are a lot of people in this position

usually for a direct answer for something like this I’d just email them

That’s a better idea, thank you. :slight_smile:

The one on Facebook just the other day went quite fast and I missed out.

I’ve been building my system for over a year, and can confirm that LZX is shortening their production cycles. I’m also waiting for a MP, and would guesstimate another batch in late fall from what I’m seeing.

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At the moment there are still a dozen units available from the August production run. Any new orders on the LZX site are expected to ship in August.

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Thanks guys. I contacted them directly and it turns out the wait will only be a matter of some weeks so I put in the order. Just too good of a device to let go, and it will help me a lot with my artistic vision. Woohoo!! : D

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