Memory Palace information

I am considering selling my Memory Palace but I’m confused about there being a new model and how much it’s actually worth
Is there a newer model that is physically different and how would I identify it compared to the other? Just reading on a random forum and didn’t understand if there is a new one already or even if there is one coming
Also I’m seeing conflicting prices for the MP, I’ve seen some for around 1900 US dollars but also some for around 1200 US dollars? Can someone fill me in on how much it should be worth please…

There is no new Memory Palace, only the original version. A new version is planned, but development will not begin until after Chromagnon begins shipping.
The used market is variable, and $1200 to $1900 is generally the range (though I have seen them sell for above and below that range).
Good luck!


Great to know thanks a lot for answering.

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Why selling it? It is a powerful live mixing module but it takes a lot of exploring. To be honest it only is really useful for real-time moving image once you feed a TBC2 into it. Also the fact it can output 4 channels of video simultaneously is a big benefit. The value on the module is never going down and 1200 is way too cheap considering how rare it is.

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