Difficult to price expedition series modules for selling

I’m selling a few modules and people are eager to buy them off me but I’m having trouble working out how much they are really worth. Are the expedition series modules worth more than they originally sold for? Is there a good way to get a reasonable idea of how much they originally sold for or even better how much they would be worth today?

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depends - most people here like to see prices set at between 70 & 100% of original sale price… depends on how desirable they are and what the market’s willing to bear… but keep in mind that a lot of expedition functionality has been replicated in gen3 modules that have more modern hardware, so in a lot of cases they may be better choices…

maybe have a look at modulargrid for an idea of original prices…


Thanks mate yeah in hindsight if I had of known I would have held out and bought the newer modules as HD is pretty important for me but it seems software has me pretty covered for most things, and thanks for the suggestion I will go and have a look on modular grid.

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Which modules are you planning to replace? Many Expedition modules will work in HD timings.


Hi mate for me it’s more about getting a nice 1920 x 1080 aspect ratio which I work with and the only way to really do that is to stretch the output, in the end software just ended up a far better solution for me. However I really like playing with video feedback and having LZX modules in the chain of that, so I’m just keeping a few modules for that and offloading the rest.


You can keep any and all LZX modules that don’t require sync. They will all work in HD. All you need is ESG3. If you want to send external video into the system, you will need TBC2 or some other decoder that supports HD.

If you’re on a budget, and/or want to go the DIY route, Syntonie has a decoder and an encoder, both of which now support all common HD formats.