Expedition series done?

so with the forthcoming orion series I was just wondering if the doors are officially closed on the expedition series.

not that production of existing modules is ending but the new modules aren’t being planned within that series


Great question. We still have several concepts in development for Expedition Series. So it’s not over, however I would say the Expedition Series is “complete,” in that all the major components and functional blocks of a holistic system are now in place.

The distinction between the two series is related more to instrumentation concept and design language. Expedition Series is all about dense, highly functional analog modules that expand upon each other organically and have a specific focus on high speed analog wave shaping techniques and multipliers. It is an attempt to present our version of a “next generation” analog video synthesis system, that builds upon the legacy instruments, but also has a lot of new processing concepts we haven’t seen in analog video synthesis instruments before.

Orion Series is part of the same system with Expedition, it’s not a separate synthesizer. It just focuses on something else: dedicated digital video hardware processing and generation, with a focus on hands-on-performance as a primary goal.

Since they exist within the same landscape there won’t be Orion “versions” of Expedition modules or vice versa. Whenever we have an idea that is implemented better with an analog circuit at its core functionality, we will likely make a new Expedition module, and if it is an idea better implemented with digital processing and memory, we will make it an Orion module.


thank you for such a clear answer I suspected it might amount to never say never :wink: but it is interesting that several concepts are in development


But what about hybrid monster overlord modules with a cross pollination of digital and analog DNA?! I WANT A CREATURE FEATURE! Oriodition! Expedtrion!


Noticed that there was a planned audio/video animation based module called Timeline that was supposed to be released as part of the Expedition series
will this module still be released or has the module been reworked within the new Orion series?

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movie length LFO(s) please :slight_smile:


If you build the NLC Sloth in “Stasis” the “period” (it’s chaotic, so approximate) is about 1.5hrs.


In fact, it’s so long it’s sometimes hard to visualize. (Did I build this correctly?)


Yeah, sloth is win! I mean the move is to have like 8 of them out of sync. It’s really hard to notice an hr long LFO.

I’d recommend the whole NLC line, there’s so much gold in there.


Timeline is still in limbo, but its a concept worth pursuing. I needed a dedicated modulator in the system but developed Pendulum instead, which is truer to the Expedition concept.


Lars, do the world a favor and actually release the Magic Eye display module!

For anyone wondering what a prototype of the Timeline module looked like, you can see it from the 1:30 mark of this video.

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It’s so funny… I remember watching that video back when it was first posted… That was the first NAMM that happened after I got into eurorack, I think. (Or the first one I paid attention to, at least.) And I wrote off the LZX stuff so hard, because it cost more than audio stuff and it… wasn’t audio stuff. Who would have known that a few years later I’d be more into video synthesis than I am into audio synthesis now?! Ha!


yeah I absolutely love my little ciat-lonbarde based audio setup.
I don’t think I’ll ever find something that I can play like these instruments again.
that being said I’ve considered so many times just how much video synth I could get by selling all my audio stuff.

I’ve been finding myself making more beautiful video without any video synthesis modules.
like this for instance is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made and there are 0 video modules involved.

I remember this video popping up and thinking that was so much space for an LFO. Now I can see where a event generator like this could be really neat

video synthesis is just too much fun

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