Expansion... What next? (Fortress/Diver&Doorway/Marble Index)

So I’ve got some cash to expand my video synth with…

Currently I have Visual Cortex, Color Chords, Arch, Bridge, Staircase, Pendulum, Passage, Sensory Translator and Prismatic Ray; LZX Castle Scaler, Multiplier, Processor, VCO and SynchGen; and Castle ADC, DAC, VCO, FlipFlops, Shift Register; Sandin IP Function Generator and Differentiator; Reverse Landfill Triple Function Generator and Logic Gates

the last 2 are awaiting a couple of parts and I’m going to get the VC expander(s) and the Video Matrix Mixer when panels/pcbs are available

I may build the Cadet RGB encoder or 2 maybe, the Hard Keyer and the Ramps in the future - and also have plans to protoboard a few simple video mixers/vcas/crossfaders

My work flow generally involves integrating non-video eurorack modules (waveshapers/distortion/filters etc) as well

I’m looking at also adding these modules Fortress, Diver, Marble Index and Doorway

Right now I can afford either Fortress, or Diver and Doorway or Marble Index

I can probably afford to add another around Christmas and maybe another in February or July

None are in stock in EU - so I’ll have to order

I think that the order should be Fortress, Diver and Doorway and then Marble Index

But do you have any better suggestions?

It sounds like a nice diverse system! I could see Diver and Marble Index making the most immediate impact. Since Marble Index won’t be produced in the future, it might be good to pick that one up first. Schneidersladen has it in stock and Signal Sounds in the UK will be getting some in inventory soon. I think more Diver and Fortress will be shipping in December. Doorway should be back in stock sometime in the next couple weeks.

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Thanks for the reply @Z0NK0UT

If Marble Index is not going to be produced in future, is there going to be something that replaces it’s functionality, complex compositing, either in the orion or expedition series?

I think I’ll be watching the three patches video for the marble index a few more times tonight and try to convince myself!!

are other expedition modules being discontinued??

There isn’t an immediate replacement for Marble Index planned. End-of-life for War of the Ants was announced with the news about Marble Index and the LZX newsletter on Tuesday will likely have similar announcements about Expedition modules.

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Wow First I’ve heard about it!! - I thought I was subscribed to the newsletter, but obviously not - subscribed now!
When were these end of lifes announced? - there’s nothing on the community or store to suggest this, other than this thread!

Thanks for subscribing (again)!
There was only an announcement in the last newsletter and some further discussion on Facebook and Discord. EOL has only been announced for two modules, so far.
Here is how Lars explained things on the LZX Facebook group:

It’s purely financial and production logistics related. We are a small company trying to manage a large catalog of products, and arriving at a junction where we need to scale back to the point where we can meet demand for a core group of products. We’re on a multi decade journey at this point, of incremental development of our patchable video format, so while individual modules may come and go, the body of work will continue forward. Product support for Marble Index and War of the Ants won’t cease and they will always be powerful modules for the format.


Thanks again @Z0NK0UT - that was exactly what I was expecting to be honest, but it is sad to see modules disappear in this area especially when there are so few to begin with