Memory Palace: Wet/Dry and bypass(Passthrough)

Would it be possible and/or has there been any thought about adding either of these two parameters in the future? I would find both useful at times.


I believe the intent is for Memory Palace to exist as a contained modular DVE in context to a larger modular video synthesis system. The compositing section of Visual Cortex covers your desired capabilities by patching dry signal to Channel A, multing Channel A signal to Memory Palace inputs and patching Memory Palace output to Channel B; controlling mix/bypass using the crossfader manually or with cv.

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Thanks for your response. I understand the idea of leveraging the compositing section of VC or MI to have wet/dry and do this often. I guess my thought process was “if A/B slider could be a wet/dry then I wouldn’t have to use up an entire RGB channel.” I tend to have multiple effect stems of the same source coming back simultaneously so the above rationale gives me another channel. (And I never use the A/B slider). In this workflow, channels are valuable.

I would think this would be even more useful in smaller systems but for the same reasons.

As for bypass, I think it would be useful for troubleshooting. It would help to confirm that the MP is actually passing signal, if there is a problem with what is coming into the unit, or if the current settings you have on it are delivering a blackhole of nothingness (which is cool, but…).

Anyways, just some functionality I would appreciate but nothing I’m loosing sleep over.

Thanks again.