Settings for Memory Palace passthrough?

Is it possible to have Memory Palace not effect anything that is being input to it? IE a dry, unaffected passthrough of the original signal being input into it?

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Yes. kinda
You want to move most settings to the middle. The display will give you feedback of the levels.(you can also adjust the deadband for these settings so its easier to find the middle, on page 2 of the menu).

for instance.
Hue = 0 centered
Saturation = 100 centered
Contrast = 100 centered
Width and Center are the ones I can’t recall off top of my head. but try to put them at opposite extremes. These adjust the keying. and you don’t want any keying for pass through
Softness = *ultimately doesn’t matter, this affects the key softness, and our aim is no key
Delay = *ultimately doesn’t matter, this affects the delay of the keyed buffer
Zoom = centered (cant remember how the value is referenced)
Aspect = centered (cant remember how the value is referenced)
Rotation = centered 0
X position = centered 0
Y position = centered 0

IIRC this is the closest to a pass-through. although the signal will have been digitized (ADC to DAC). so technically not a pass-through i think?

please feel to correct my mistakes, and i will update


@brownshoesonly Is this sort of with the idea of using zero’d out or default settings so no effects are engaged?

I would like to see something that might use the A/B slider to say mix between a “Dry” “Pass through” signal and the “Wet” “FX Engaged” signal. So you could leave your FX sliders adjusted to how you like and crossfade between the dry/ pass through signal and wet/FX engaged signal.


Best way to do this is with Cortex. send your main feed to cortex and send it to MemPal. Then send the output of MemPal to the other side of the cortex


Yeah, but it is a shame to have to completely use up all of Cortex’s compositor section 2X RGB inputs to do this when all of that video content is already in MemPal, seems redundant (if it could be possible within MemPal).

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what about just using a cadet crossfader?

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Cadet crossfader solution would need to be triplicated to support and RGB signal path though right?

Additional details from Facebook thread:

Lars Larsen “Hit restore defaults from second menu page and set all bipolar sliders at 50%”

You can use the opacity/aux slider to fade between dry and wet signals when in Alpha key mode with softness set fully 100%, and modulate the aux input to add video rate crossfading as well.