Xaoc - Zadar for video


Noticed there wasn’t a thread or any discussion on this module.

Just picked one up today its amazing for video. Each channel can be quickly set to a choose voltage so nice and easy to set each at 1v. Envelope time can be up to 30 minutes and there’s loads of crazy envelopes to choose from. Works perfectly for modulating the Navigator/Shapechanger combo.

Will post some videos over coming days but first impressions are this is a must have module for video modulation.



I was JUST weighing the options between the Zadar and Ornaments and Crime modules for video use after seeing hadesbox’ video on Yutube. I’d love to see some Zadar videos, though. Always dig the Xaoc stuff.



Zadar is my favorite audio module to use with LZX! Especially when you get into audio rate looping, any of the envelope shapes immediately become video shapes

Here’s an example modulating the different shapes with an LFO, while Zadar FMs one of my Vidiot oscillators