DIY Questions:)


Hi there folks, hope you are all good out there! So I am looking to build a 4U little LZX system. I already have a 104HP rack. Basically I am looking to add into the 1U row of an Intellijel Case hopefully x8 of the 4HP DIY modules from LZX (Probably x4 of the Castle Module, x2 RGB Encoders and x2 Luma Amplifiers). I have never done DIY before and certainly not using the 1U of an Intellijel case. Has anyone done this before? Anything like this? Will they fit into a 1U row horizontally? Thanks for your input on this:) Cheers!


You could probably fit two or three 4hp modules horizontally. Make your own panel to fit them in there. The castle and Cadet stuff is made to be flexible. There are mounting holes in the corners and all the jacks have easy access solder pads for alternate types of jacks.


Hi there Philip,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah that sounds good. I am basically only getting into the Castle Modules because I love your artwork, it is really interesting and inspiring. I basically only have room for 4 of the Castle modules. Right now in my system I have Cortex, Polar, Marbles, Shapechanger, x2 Bridge and an Arch. Which four modules would you say would make a good addition to this little system? Many thanks!


I’m not Phil - but I would say that I have one of each of the Castle modules - with the exception of the Clock VCO of which I have four. So take from that what you will.


I’d say:
ADC, DAC, and some others.
those 2 Castle modules are vital and very fun!


And to riff on this, with an ADC and DAC you can explore (at least) this kind of patch:

and if you add flipflop and clock vco:

There is probably not a bad combo, though, depending on your interests.