Castle Reproduction?

It seems like some of the Castle modules are slowly going out of stock. As it stands the ADC module is unavailable from both thonk and the main LZX page. Will there be more runs of these in the future? I’d hate to have missed out on some of these like the cadets

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I don’t believe LZX has any plans to discontinue Castle.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed that they seem to fall out of stock occasionally. But they do come back eventually (or at least have in the past).

Also noticed a change in PCB finish — from shiny to matte — FWIW.

I haven’t seen any plans to discontinue the castle modules, but I could see a period of unavailability to allow for rework of the sync from power bus sync (edited: was 14pin) to rca at some point… but that only really affects a of few modules

Castle doesn’t use 14pin sync. But it would be cool to see a rev that standardizes their sync to RCA.

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I think only the Castle VCO uses sync, right? So that’d be the only module that needs an RCA sync update.

It’s the only 1 I have that does.need sync… so yeah probably only that one needs updating…

yes you’re right it’s power bus sync - even more outdated!!!

I edited the post to correct it - I blame lack of sleep…


TBC2 is supposedly going to have bus sync and 14-pin if I’m not mistaken.

maybe, fingers crossed…

i just ordered a big batch of PCB/panel sets of the Castles from LZX so i am likely responsible for at least a couple running low or selling out, though they did not warn me of any discontinuation when i placed my order - in fact i’m pretty sure some of these boards are newer revisions than when i built my first batch of them this time last year, so i’d imagine they’ll continue to be supported for some time.

also re: sync for the Clock VCO it does have a panel sync option so even without power bus sync distro it’s easy enough to sync it.


awesome yea i leaned more on the side of them continuing the line but also could see them being discontinued, maybe temporarily since they are hard at work on gen3

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