Wireless video transceivers for using battery camcorders as live video sources?

Does anyone have suggestions on wireless CVBS/analog video transmitters/receivers or transceivers? I don’t care about latency or signal quality that much, I just wanna use some handycams remotely.

It seems like the FPV Drone community has plenty of options, but they all seem to expect typical drone system power/comms hookups, and rely on air movement to prevent them from overheating: FPV Video Transmitters - VTX - Video TX


I used these from Amazon which actually worked perfectly for the exact same purpose.

The best thing is it can be powered from a portable charger, so I taped the transmitter to the handycam and used a 2m long micro-usb cable from the transmitter to a portable charger in my pocket.

There are also multiple channels, so you can have several sets running.

I used it within a venue that was roughly 30m long and had no issues with the send/receive.

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