Standalone record devices advise

Hi people!
im thinking about to get a standalone video recorder to record the output of VC.
After an intense internet search i found some interesting devices. i would like to know your experience with them, problems, compatibility… and which you recommend or what is your preference.

the two devices are:
1-Blackmagic hyperdeck mini
2-Atomos ninja inferno.

i know that i must add an analog to digital converter. I could use the blackmagic one (mini analog to sdi converter)or the atomos one (atomos connect convert scale analog to sdi-hdmi). There is a big price difference between theese two converters. i dont know why and i don´t know if the price difference is justified or not.

Some other advices to add to my list??
i would like to get high quality videos. My sistem is windows,
Well, i wolud like to know your opinion before spend the money!!
Thank you everyone

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I’m a fan of the P10 for recording. Pretty good quality IMO

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This is what I use. I use a Roland V4-EX to do all my conversion and usually put this in line with my projector (it has an HDMI out/thru), plug a flash drive or SD card in and it’s ready to go. The files it records are transferrable to an ANDOR1 with no conversion or hassle if that’s something you are interested in exploring down the road. That alone makes it essential for me.