Capture and recording interface recommendations



Please post your recommendations and reviews of capture and recording devices, along with notes on setup that may be helpful to other users.

At LZX Industries we love the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. While some devices may be quicker to set up and configure, you can’t find a better quality analog recording interface for the same price:



I found out the hard way that these Intensity Shuttles (at least the usb3 model) are very picky about the USB chipset you’re using.

After some research, I found this card based on a NEC chipset. It seems to work quite well for capture in Windows 10 with Adobe Premiere for standard capture.

Originally, I bought this to use for live VJ purposes but I can’t get the shuttle to work very reliably with my late 2016 Macbook Pro (at least with VDMX/Resolume). I get frame drops whenever I try to do basic operations like using the menubar. I plan on doing some additional testing with other hardware manufacturers in the near future (I’ll add to this thread when I manage to get around to it).


That’s definitely something worth mentioning here: avoid the USB version of the shuttle unless you can confirm your chipset. We have the Thunderbolt2 models and use them with a desktop PC and Thinkpad laptops. They are trouble free but sometimes we have to to reset the format settings after plugging them in.


I’ll just add here that’s I use the TB2 Intensity Shuttle as a way of outputting full color video into my LZX System. This is using a Current MacBookPro (TB3,Touchbar variety). I’ve used it without issue with FCP7, Resolve and Premiere to output video.

So it is fine with a TB3 to TB2 adaptor between it.

And they run hot!


For the Vidiot, I’ve had good luck with Vidiot -> Gana AV2HDMI -> Magewell HDMI Plus -> Resolume. I already had the Magewell to work with streaming with my G85. For quick recording, I also use Elgato, but it only seems to work with the Elgato recording app. I want to try Blackmagic, but the reviews lately seem mixed on them.


I’m REALLY happy with the Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k PCI-E card. $199

On Win10 & can use their utility or Premiere to capture. Of note, it allows recording & sending video out at the same time (full duplex or something) so it’s possible to be sending clips to LZX for processing & recording the LZX output at the same time from the same puter. Admittedly I haven’t messed with that much, noticed it lagged some and haven’t gotten around to toying with settings to see if that can be diminished. I rarely hit record (bad habit) so it fell low in the priority queue.

Can upscale real-time while recording too, again I never do that but works A-OK far as I could tell.