Why doesn't my USB drive work with my Andor 1 media player?

Original question: When trying to play back video files with my Andor 1 media player, my USB drive is unrecognized or I am experiencing glitchy playback. I’ve tried reformatting the drive, but that hasn’t resolved my issue. The drive works fine on my laptop.

Answer: This usually means you are using a USB 3.0 drive that may have non-compliant USB 2.0 drivers. Some USB 3.0 drives seem to work and others don’t. Andor 1 media player is a USB 2.0 device, and sometimes USB 3.0 drives have issues. You can get a USB 2.0 drive for much less cost for the storage space, and this is what we recommend.

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I have a related issue, don’t think it warrants a new thread. But I was having intermittent issues with my USB drive, and this thread answered that question. However, while discovering the problems with the drive, my Andor was plugged into my Visual Cortex of course, the sync light turned red, and my entire 6U system (all on one busboard) malfunctioned. Most LEDs illuminated and/or froze. What is troubling is that this behavior continued after unplugging the Andor from the VC, and after powering off/on. The system gets daily use, and I’ve never had this issue before plugging in the Andor. After 24 hours, the system seems to work. But, haven’t tried the Andor again. A friend’s Andor worked perfectly with my system recently, although it was the deluxe model.
Any thoughts or similar experiences? Did I miss a setting or something simple? Thanks!

I can’t think of any reason the system glitch would have been related to plugging the Andor 1 into it. It sounds like your EuroRack power supply could have gone over the rated current limit. What are your power specs for your 6U system and how close are you running it to those limits?

The numbers say it is a power deal, using a Meanwell T60b. Not surprising, it usually is in my experience, But having no issues for quite awhile until I used the Andor threw me. Ultimately, tho, the Andor is rad. I’d recommend going for the Deluxe model. And, I’d love to see the accessories sold a la carte eventually? Thanks for the help!

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