Andor 1 and Projectors

I’ve done a set-up with three Andor 1 players running separate video from USB’s and each have their own projector. The video sync is awesome and really quite effortless. I’ve had one small issue with the connectivity of one of the media players.

Occasionally one of the projectors will lose the connection to media player and do a “auto-source” search to try and find it again…If the media player is the one thing connected to the projector and no one is touching anything I find it strange that it skips out? Any ideas? Could it be a short in the cabling - like a power skip? Keep in mind that it runs perfectly about 80-90% of the time.

Another more general question about the Andor 1 - if you are running the player for longer periods of time - how often should the player be unplugged ? is it recommended to unplug it at all. The projectors for the install are shut off daily but should the media players be shut down as well ?

Thanks for your input - greatly appreciate it

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Hey Mike!

I’m not sure about the odd projector. Maybe double check your cabling or try a different or shorter cable if you have one. Test with another device to see if you have the same issue could be a good idea as well. Or swap the andor on the problem unit over to a different projector to see if you can rule out if it’s a projector issue or an andor 1 issue or a cable issue.

You should be able to keep them on 24/7 without issues.

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Hey that’s great! thanks for the input, I’ll do the swap tonight and make an update on what I find.
Another general question - is there a recommended file codex for the Andor 1’s ? or rather - is there file types/ codex’s that the player won’t like ?

Regarding the problematic projector, another thing to try is changing the menu setting AdvancedOptions->SystemOptions->VSyncLock to “Gentle” or “Off”.

The recommended video format is H264/AAC with MP4 container. Here are the specifications:

Video Specification: up to 1080p @ 60fps, up to 40Mbps
Video Codecs: H264, MPEG4, MJPEG, VP6, VP8
Video Containers: AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, MKV
Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC
Still Image Formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD
A/V Outputs: HDMI, composite video, analog audio
Other Ports: USB x 4, micro USB power input
Supported File Systems: FAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT
Supported Audio: AC3, DTS, 5.1
Subtitle Support: SRT files

Hey Paul thanks, I will try out that pathway and see if it makes a difference -
Another issue has just happened this morning.

all three of the videos continue to cut in and out and I’ve noticed a lighting bolt symbol in the top corner.
From what I’ve seen, the lighting bolt means “undervoltage”. Now the installation has been up for two months now and this is the first time I’ve seen this symbol. Does this mean a switch in the extension chord to the unit ?

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a general update on the previously mentioned issues -

The skipping of the video is still occasional however it happens very minimally and sporadically now. Meaning, one day it will work without any seen issues other days it will skip - still just one of the videos. Still not really sure about the problem - I have tried to adjust the setting in the “advanced settings” as suggested above. So far it seems to have helped.

The lighting bolt indicator -
I completely unplugged everything from the power and left the units off for about an hour.
I plugged everything back in but only tried one set of equipment at a time ( one projector + one Andor 1). Through the use of a USB keyboard I found switching the sync channel or even just cycling through the channel to the same channel seemed to have helped the other players " meet " better.
The power sign has not reappeared yet. So I am thinking I will cycle in a Off time once a week for the whole set up and do a re-sync.

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Sorry for the delay. If you’re repeatedly seeing the lighting bolt indicator on any player when using the original power supply and cable, then you should replace the power supply and cable through the warranty.

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As a follow up to this issue. There was a power load issue not a cabling power issue for the previous set-up as the speakers were causing a voltage issue - removing them and making the sound come through the projector fixed the skipping issue. The power set-up seemed to be too much for the Andor 1.

I’ve run into the similar issue again in a different set up. This setup was 1 ceiling mounted projector ( Panasonic PT VMZ50) and 1 Andor 1 running a video file off a USB. The power was a 15 ft extension cord with a banana end (two female ends) for the Projector and the Andor 1.

A week after the install and it working fine, the breaker tripped for that plug. I’ve now done this power line: Plug -> Extension-> Power Bar -> Projector and Andor 1 in hopes that the power bar will regulate the power for the units and stop the breaker from tripping. I do know that you lose voltage over a distance of long cords.

So my question is does anyone know if a 15ft extension cord would have enough voltage drop to cause issues in this set up? How much voltage ideally does an Andor 1 need to run smoothly? Is it better to give the Andor a dedicated line in this scenario because the projector draws a lot?

As a side note, the cords need to be at least 15ft because our ceiling heights are 14’ and then adding the distance to the set-up on the ceiling and the distance to the actually outlet adds the additional distance.

This is also the cord I have used in the set-up :

Any trouble shooting with this would be super helpful,


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