Andor 1 synch impacted by turning projectors on and off

We’re running a 3 channel video synched using Andor 1 players and projecting with 3 matching Infocus projectors. If the projectors do not all turn on at the same time it is impacting the ability for the videos to stay synched. We turn off the projectors daily but leave the Andor 1 players on 24/7. Any suggestions on how to avoid this issue would be a great help.

Hey, sorry for the trouble. It generally should not be necessary to turn the projectors on at the same time. Which version of the Andor 1 software do you have? (I recommend keeping the original version and to not install the beta version) What are the specifications of the video, and how is the sync not working? Do you have remote controls for the three Andor 1 players?