Andor1 Update 1.044

I have just updated my Andor1 players to 1.044. Now I read in one of the comments that an older version would be better for the sync functionality. I have an exhibition next month in which I will be running seven TVs in a video wall, which will then also have to synchronize! Would you recommend that I upgrade to an older version? If so, which one and where can I find it? Or would you say the current beta is good enough for this? I still had 1.01 running on my players before that.
I love these players and hope to get some again soon.


Have you been able to test the multi-player sync since you updated? @paulslocum might be able to provide more info on your question.

thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, I have no more possibility to test the proper function of the sync functionality before. Everything is already packed and in the truck on the way to the museum.I read Paul’s statement only after the software update to 1.044. I will have to test it at the show then and update down to 1.01 if necessary.
I wrote to Paul last week. Maybe he still manages to answer.
Is there another version besides 1.01 and 1.044?
Best regards from Germany