Andor 1 remote problem

I purchased the Andor 1 a while ago and just the other day used it for the first time. I had the problem of it stopping the playback after one minute but found the answer to that on another Andor 1 thread here. Yesterday I was going to process a clip I´ve got on the stick. For some reason I´m not able to get the menus open. The remote only works to stop and start the clip and the menu button makes the picture go small and to the upper right corner. Also the clip starts to play after a while when stopped from the remote.

Sorry to hear you are having Andor issues. Which power supply did your Andor come with?

Its a Stontronics model DSA-13PFC-05 FCA. +5,1V 2,5A. I´m living in Finland and using the European standard voltage 220V.

I still haven’t figured out a solution and I´ve got a music video project going with a bit of a hurry already, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

make sure that SYNC ENABLE is set to OFF in the PLAYER OPTIONS menu.

I don’t know how to get to the menu with the remote not working.

Do you have access to a USB keyboard?

No, not at the moment. I could borrow one from someone I guess. Should I be able to get the remote working if I´ll get access to the menu with a USB keyboard? The weird thing about this situation is that when I initially turned the Andor 1 on the remote worked but the sync enable was the problem. When I red here that I should turn the sync off and turned the Andor 1 on the remote didn’t work anymore.

sorry please disregard my reply. I was referencing your playback issue not the remote functionality.

Have you checked the remote batteries and re-seated the remote receiver?

I have re-seated the receiver many times and the remote has been fully charged, and also it has been on the USB power from the Andor 1 most of the time. The remote works for powering up and shutting down the Andor 1 as well as for play and pause but the menu button doesn’t let me open the menu so that I could set the sync off but instead it makes the picture small and positioned on the upper right corner of the screen. Thank you for the help Z0NK0UT.

No problem at all. Thank you for helping me!

Still looking for help with this problem, anyone?

Hey, sorry for the trouble. What happens if you power it up without a USB stick inserted and then open the menu?


I don’t know how I have missed this. I honestly thought I had exhausted all the possibilities and ways to connect and reboot the device. I´m still wondering about the scaling for 4:3 picture. It seems that the stretch makes the picture squeezed horizontally and the natural crops it in a way that leaves some of the picture out. Thank you so much for this tip paulslocum!! :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted. There is a minor bug with the scaling of 4:3 that I believe has to do with it mishandling non-square pixels. I’m going to look into fixing this in the next update.

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Okay. Very good to know, thanks!

Is there some kind of estimation when the next firmware would be available? I´m asking only bc I´m in the middle of making a music video and am pretty much stuck now that I cannot get the right aspect ratio for the video.

It will probably be a couple of months before I can release a new version. You should be able to fix it by letterboxing your video in software instead of the player.