Andor 1 - Vidiot sync issue?

Hey all,

I just bought an Andor 1 to serve video clips to my Vidiot. The problem I’m having is that the Vidiot does not seem to lock sync with the video file from the Andor 1.

I connected it through the video in/out and used the loop function to bypass the Vidiot, however just being plugged into the Vidiot messes up the signal. If I connect directly from the Andor 1 to the projector, everything is fine.

Can anyone let me know what might be wrong?

Thank you!

Sorry to hear that the Andor/Vidiot combo is giving you trouble.
Be sure to turn off “loop through” on Vidiot, since you are not passing sync to another device. Sometimes it helps to power cycle Vidiot after doing this.

Are both Andor and Vidiot set to the same format (NTSC or PAL) as your monitor/projector?