Vidiot not accepting input video

I have used the vidiot to process video multiple times before but now it seems to not accepting the signal. When video is sent into the vidiot it just begins scrolling uncontrollably. I’ve read a similar post and thought I had the incorrect position for the loop switch. After checking my loop switch it is in the correct position.

I’ve recently been using fortress and diver synced to the vidiot and could have possibly had the sync cables routed incorrectly. Is there risk of damaging any of the components of the vidiot when the sync cables are improperly routed?

PAL/NTSC switch in correct position?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your Vidiot.
What is the video signal you want to process?
How is your sync routed?
If you use just Vidiot, without Fortress and Diver connected, does it improve your results?

Yeah, it still occurs even when the vidiot is stand alone. I have the pal/ntsc switched up. I’m using the p10 as my source but other sources produce the same result.

My sync goes out the vidiot to diver sync then thru to fortress which is switched to terminate. Is the sync port above the thru on the fortress? And the diver sync is to the left of the thru?

I tested it again this morning and after switching my sync routing it worked. Vidiot sync out to fortress sync in (bottom port) then thru to diver sync in (right port) diver sync switch down to terminate. Though my relief was short lived as I powered down and up again and the scrolling returns. So I’m still confused…
I appreciate you all looking into this.

You had it working for a second, that’s a good sign.
Could you try powering things on in this order? Video source, Vidiot, eurorack case.

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I again swapped my sync route and it seems to be working consistently.
I’ll power on in this order from now on.
Thanks Chad!

Really digging how fortress and diver pair together by the way.

Sync is tricky, isn’t it?
Very good to hear you are taking advantage of Diver + Fortress. Post some pics or videos, when you have a chance?

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It is still something I’m trying to understand but there’s a lot of info on here.
I’m excited to get memory palace in the mix. I’ll have to do a bit more reading about syncing mp before November.
Will do!