Vidiot video input gone haywire?

Hi all,

In the past I had a very easy time getting my video camera working with the Vidiot. It was plug and play and super fun.

Now, I am unable to get a ‘still’ screen, regardless of what I try. Is my video input module fried or am I missing an obvious ‘neutral’ setting? (I used another video module as video source earlier, maybe it can have caused damage?)

The camera has RCA out, and displays fine on my projector if I take the Vidiot out of the chain. I tried still images and video, no difference. The signal is clearly coming through, I can see the image shooting extremely rapidly diagonally across the screen, with all kinds of distortion and craziness. When I unplug the camera, the crazy diagonal movement stops and all is quiet again. I think I tried all possible combinations of settings and patching. I spent many hours trying at least.

I hooked up my PS2 and it looks fine on my projector, but when the signal goes through Vidiot I can clearly see the menu screen of the game flying diagonally. There are many of them, so many smaller screens flying across diagonally. It’s like an extremely aggressive screensaver basically.

Edit: Big black diagonal bars also appear as soon as I connect the video camera, these move in the same diagonal direction at the same quick pace.

I am unable to affect direction or speed of what’s going on except by unhooking the video camera.

The video module I used is the critter & guitari video scope. Could it damage the Vidiot?

The identical setup worked flawlessly before, so now I wonder if I damaged my video input? Hopefully it is user error.

Thanks for any help!


It sounds like you have bumped your PAL/NTSC or SYNC LOOP switch. Try switching either of those and power cycle the Vidiot between each change.

I’ve done that before while fumbling around blind for the power switch. Turned it back on later and signal was totally jacked. Thought i fried it somehow

Thank you for the advice! When I have time I will sit down and power cycle patiently between changes. I was not aware this was important.

I come from the world of analog synths where, when I “lose” the audio I just twist some knobs and flip some switches until I hear sound again. No power cycling:)

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Video sync doesn’t really have an equivalent in the audio world. Can you imagine having different amp formats that your line level output had to synchronize with, depending on where you live?

Yes, of course it makes sense there is much more going on inside video electronics than with an analog synth, where it’s mostly just voltages.

The Vidiot is so easy to play, it’s easy to forget there is a complex little guy inside.

It’s an amazing device, I just invested in a standalone hdmi recorder so I can create music and video without any pc involved. Using audio to affect one of the Vidiot parameters makes for great ambient and noise video scapes!

What camera are you using? Can someone please recommend a camcorder or a camera which wouldn’t cost me much? I have the same problem that my video camera input doesn’t sync to the Vidiot, I’m using a very old Panasonic MC6 camera. I feel as if I’m missing out a big part of Vidiot’s capabilities right now.

If you’re using PAL, WV-CP474E or equivalent is gen-lockable, cheap and easily available on ebay.

thanks @transistorcat, will a “Panasonic WV-CP454E” also be as good as the one you highlighted?

I haven’t tried it so i can’t really say, but it seems to have mostly the same features.
The important thing is to get the -E version to get PAL.

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Hi @transistorcat , I got my Panasonic camera now, but when I connect it it is still not syncing, do I need to put a cable into the Genlock (is it an input or output?) on the camera - going where?
Thanks very much

The genlock input needs to be connected to any video source you want to sync to (typically your other input or the output of your system)

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Ahh , glad to find this post . Was having the same issue at Thomas . Video input having diagonal jagged lines , flipped the ntsc switch and powered off an on Again. Back to normal . Thought something was fried.

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