Vidiot video in not working


I am a total noob to video synths, the vidiot is my first endeavor I received as a gift. I’m not sure it’s related but I did receive one of the DOA units with the cable flipped from a few months back. I followed the video to correct that and got lovely colors and shapes out of the vidiot. However, I cannot get any kind of external video into the vidiot. I’ve tried several old video cams and several vhs players, and while I can see the output from them on the loop through (I think that’s what it’s called) no matter what I do I can’t get the vidiot to process the signals. I’ve read every help post I can and watched all the videos out there and it seems people can process external video easily with theirs but I see no sign of the external video in no matter how much I fiddle.
Am I missing something? Or does the unit need fixed beyond the cable flip?

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First off, if you’re sure you’ve tried everything please e-mail with your return shipping address and we’ll send a prepaid RMA label to you so we can get your buddy in for a checkup in the lab.

If you want to diagnose more, can you post some photos showing how you have the external input and display connected, details on the gear you’re using, and a photo of the unit with the settings as you’re trying them?

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