Getting Started with an used vVdiot. Where to buy patch cables, RCA input adapter and Video Cable

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I bought a Vidiot two days ago and it should be arriving here tomorrow. However after checking with the seller, they let me know that it will not be coming with the original patch cables, RCA input adapter and video cable.

Could you please point me in the right direction of where I can go to buy these missing pieces? This is my first buy in to video synthesizers and any help would be greatly appreciated!

the patch cables are standard eurorack mono minijacks.
video cable = RCA cable. you can buy one in every electronics store
it depends what device you want to connect it to. if it also has a RCA input, you are good to go.
if not, you might need an adapter of a converter


Hey, not sure where you are located, as this might influence whether or not out of state taxes are collected, however, there are a few modular specific stores that can definitely help you get those cables. Control, based in NYC, makes their own patch cables which are nice and have a low profile. Perfect Circuit in LA has arguably the best website and a wide inventory. I’ve also had good experiences with Midwest Modular in Minneapolis and Patchwerks in Seattle.

In a pinch, you could try your local Best Buy for the RCA adaptor - the downloadable manual has a picture of which one you need. It’s basically a 2xRCA into a 3.5mm TRS jack.You could also purchase a 3.5mm stereo cable and use that to patch. Definitely recommend getting dedicated patch cables though - some even glow in the dark!

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Thank you for taking time to respond to me! Appreciate you.

Thank you for listing how those market places. I will go ahead and take a look through their inventory and make some additional purposes as I am in the conUS. I went ahead shortly after I made this post to amazon and bought a few things to at least get started until I buy from these modular specific stores. Will these Patch cables work in the mean time? I also bought a video cable and this cheap capture card. I should be good with this to get started right? Anything else you would recommend?

Those patch cables should be all you need for standalone Vidiot patching, although you are going to want at least one that’s like 18" minimum so that you can patch the luma out into the second key input - this technique is used in the LZX video tutorial for the Vidiot that’s on YouTube. You could get a pack of cables that has different lengths a few companies like Moog and Make Noise sell those pack types. Oh, and one or two stackable splitter cables, like the small green one TipTop Audio makes. Hosa makes a hopscotch one as well that pretty much does the same thing. You are going to want those so that you can send the audio envelope follower cv to multiple parameters.

That capture card seems solid, though I’m sure other users might have a better take on that.

As far as further peripherals go, I would suggest starting with an LFO so that you can modulate parameters. Some guitar effects pedals have LFO outs, maybe you have access to one. You might need a conversion cable from 3.5mm to 1/4" to modulate the Vidiot. That might be the first place to look. Depending on your budget, Hungry Robot makes a standalone LFO that you can sync to a cv clock - which is never a bad thing. You will need a power adaptor for that, though maybe you have access to one as well. Next step up is Eurorack, where there are a lot more options, and a steeper price point. I hope this helps.

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Extra tip:
install on your phones/tables an oscillator/LFO app (I use this one) and connect the device audio output to any CV inputs on the Vidiot.
I get good results with slow (under 1 Hz) LFOs modulating the colors. Frequencies close to 50 Hz and multiples routed into the horizontal and vertical CV inputs will create particular pleasantly-looking interferences (that’s for PAL; make that 60 Hz if you use NTSC).


Dear snake; Be sure to download the user manual. I also picked up a bunch of rca cables cheap from thrift stores. Use the composite in on your tv.

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Thank you everyone so much for all the helpful tips! Tomorrow I am picking up a black and white monitor to go with my other color CRT tv and Ive been searching for a cheap SD camera locally. Got playing with the vidiot and doing the first 3 patches from the youtube video. This has been so rewarding already! Was bidding on a edirol/roland v4 monitor but got sniped last minute. Hopefully I will have a video mixer soon!

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