Andor USB control issues



I am working on a project using two Andor deluxe devices. One of them stops taking commands within a few seconds whenever I try to change the settings. It happens to the same device whether I use a USB mouse or either of the two remote controllers. I happens regardless of which USB port I use.

The other device takes commands with either remote and my USB mouse. I can navigate all the menus and use the ESC button to show/hide the menus as normal.

The problematic device syncs fine and plays automatically, and seems to work as long as I don’t need to change any settings.

Is there anything I could be doing wrong on my end? Help appreciated.


Hi, sorry for the trouble. I’d try swapping USB drives and power supplies between the two players to see if that’s the issue. If the USB drive is the issue, then try reformatting it. If the problem persists, then I suggest getting a warranty replacement.