Andor Media Player Glitch

Hi everyone,

I have been testing out my Andor & Andor deluxe and both of them freeze up when playing videos. Sometimes they play for hours and sometimes they just freeze. I have saved the videos to the Andor manual specs and use Clean My Drive to make sure the zip has no junk. I am also using the provided USB 2.0 drive. Anyone have any ideas? I need to work this out by the end of the month due to a collector of mine wants a few pieces for his home.

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Sorry to hear of your Andor troubles.
What are the specs of the video(s) you are using?
Is the same video freezing on both Andors?
Which power supplies came with your Andors?
When you say “zip”, do you mean the USB drive?

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Hi Chad,

I am using a MacBook Pro and a Blackmagic shuttle intensity for capture via Premiere Pro.

I am exporting the videos with the following specs.

Yes, the zip, is the USB 2.0 drive that came with the player.

I am using the power supply that came with the Andor player.

It is multiple videos that freeze on separate TVs. Sometimes they will go all night and other times they freeze

randomly. Its always a little different. Thank you for your help!



Stereo Audio 4800 Hz

Bitrate 320

W 1920 x H 1080

File size 208MB



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I have tried everything I can think of with Andors including formatting the USB drive in different formats.
Nothing has worked with them. They lock up to the point of the remote keyboard not working and even after I eject the USB the screen is still frozen in place and I have to restart them. I picked up a Micca Speck G2 Ultra-Portable Media Player for about $39 on Amazon, based on the online recommendation of a museum preparator that specializes in video art, and it runs all the videos very smooth and sound is good. The only draw back I can see from the Micca is that when it switches from one video to the next there is a slight slowdown in motion at the beginning of the next video.

I really would like to get the Andor issues worked out due to the use of wifi and multiple screens, but at least the new player works and was easy to set up. I also have a collector of mine that wants pieces at the end of January. Hopefully I can get some help working this out.

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Hi, sorry for the trouble. Are the videos playing synchronized? What is the frame rate of the video?

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Hi Paul,

The frame rate is 29.97. I have the sync off I believe.

Make sure sync is turned off. Would you mind emailing me so we can send files? paul.slocum at gmail

Sent you an email. Thanks Paul!