Playback of large size videos via andor1

is there anyway that larger videos (4+gb) would be usable be the andor1?

You could set up a looping playlist with your video in chunks I think. What’s the duration and resolution of the source material?

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it is a blue ray rip of Metropolis 1920 x 1080
breaking it into smaller chunks makes sense that is doable

I haven’t actually set up a playlist yet on the andor that will be a good excuse to learn more about it

Large files should work, you just have to reformat your USB drive as NTFS, HFS+, or EXT instead of FAT32.


so here is what I ended up doing
open VLC
file => convert/stream
drag/open media file in question
mp4 profile
save wherever you want
I didn’t think it was working at first as there is no progress bar (that I could see) but when I went to test the video some time later it ended up being nearly 2 hours of the 2 and a half hour long movie and went from 11 gigs to 3

so I’ll try again with a shorter video to make sure it works fully
then try again with more time for this long one