How to fix black gap on Andor1 loop playback

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I recently picked up an Andor1 because I need seamless looping playback for a video installation, and every other media player out there always skips or lags on the loop.

Bit frustrated to set the andor1 up and find that it not only skips, it has a 5-second black screen at the loop point.

Is this a setting that can be adjusted on the Andor1? I don’t have a USB keyboard, so I’ll need to pick one up to adjust the settings… if anyone can speak to this issue and help me figure out why the gap is happening, I’d be mighty grateful!

Update: This seems to happen inconsistently if I use a much shorter video with a smaller filesize. But, it still happens every 5-10 loops or so. Do I just have a faulty Andor1? Or are they all this glitchy and I need to just return the thing?

Sorry you are having trouble. As the Andor was designed for multiple synced loops, the sync setting is ON at default. If you turn sync OFF in the menu the black screen will cease to appear.

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