Create 10 second delay with two sync'd Andor1 players

Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to create a 10 second delay on one media player that is sync’d with another player. I.e. Player 1 starts and 10 seconds later, player 2 starts the beginning of it file. Both files are the same length.

Thanks in advance,


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May not be a useful idea but could you just add 10 seconds of blank video on one of the files?


Hey Leslie,

I was considering that as a last resort. The issue is when the file loops are the first time the black space would play. Ideally, once the videos are playing, one video should loop and the second should loop 10 seconds later without the black screen.


If there is no way to get Andor1 to natively offset file start, rather than putting 10 seconds of empty space, you could create a second version of the file with the final ten seconds removed from the end and placed at the start instead.

Not sure how seamless the looping is on the Andor1, but a little pause in one video every loop is better than having 10 seconds of blank space (and getting 10 seconds further out of sync with each loop).


Hi Sean,

Thanks for this suggestion. It is actually what we ended up doing and is working quite well.