Andor1 Midi sync


two questions:

Is there a way to start a video via Midi without the trigger delay?
And is there a way to stop the video playback?

I want to use the Andor1 for live performance, where it should be in sync with the music, so one video for one track…

No one?..

Hi @csxdy

Sorry for the lack of response. I’ve been updating some old forum posts with new tags, and it may have buried your question below those refreshed posts.

I’m sure @creatorlars will get a chance to respond soon – LZX is going through a huge launch/production run at the moment.

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Hi there, sorry for the slow response.
(1) No, there’s always a delay when starting. Andor1 is intended more for installations than live performance triggering. We’ll be releasing a video sampler at some point to address live sampling and frame accurate trigger sequencing. You may be able to time this properly for your live set (like lining up a song’s click track with the start of a playlist position.)
(2) MIDI notes can trigger the exact same options as the USB remote/keyboard, so yes, you can trigger a stop or any action you can access from the menu by programming in a sequence of MIDI notes.
All current MIDI functionality is elaborated upon in the manual here:

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@creatorlars Actually with the new version of the software, it is possible to trigger videos without significant delay if you have “sync” mode turned off. You can download the new software at the link below – put the file on your USB drive and open the Andor 1’s menu.

To stop video playback, set up a “delay” or blank video in your playlist that’s looped and trigger that to stop whatever’s playing.


awesome!!! thank you very much!

I now installed the update, but the delay still is here. I also turned sync off…
Any ideas? it behaves the same like before the update.
thx in advance :slight_smile:

There will still always be some delay (250 to 750 msec) since it is not a video sampler capable having many videos already queued and ready to start playing within a few milliseconds. It takes a moment to load the file off disk and feed it into the video decoder. Lower resolution and bitrate videos will start faster. Also some file formats may load faster than others.

Makes sense! Thank you!

Can you set the MIDI Channel upon which Andor will receive its messages? Or does it simply respond to all channels?

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. It only responds on Channel 1, but I’m working on a new official update that allows you to set a MIDI channel or Omni mode.