Creating an Andor 1 player on Raspberry pi

I was interested in picking up an Andor 1 media player, but I noticed they are no longer on the site. A bit of searching revealed that the source code seems to be on GitHub now (

I am fairly new to the world of Raspberry pi and GitHub. Does anyone now how one would set this up on a Raspberry pi 3 B++?

You might want to look into recur. It is a diy project with ras pi as media player.


Thanks. Recur looks really interesting. I’ll definitely check that out. The main things I’m looking for are the ability to sync between players and MIDI control. I play in a band that uses visuals, so the ability to trigger things with MIDI would be amazing.

You can definitely use MIDI to trigger clips. recur can hold 10 clips per bank, any of which you can switch to with a simple note command, so it would even be possible to easily sequence them. As long as there is sufficient load time (a second or three) between switching clips, you should have seamless playback between your videos too. recur can also add shaders as FX to your videos which makes it all the more indispensable.

There isn’t (yet) a proper “sync” method between multiple units, but if you are able to distribute MIDI to multiple devices then you should be able to switch them all at once and in time, theoretically.

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I suppose part of this delay is due to the fact that only the active clip is in the ram. Is there the possibility of triggering frame changes within a clip and thus avoiding load time if it is already in the ram?