Andor 1 Omxplayer modifications available somewhere?

Hiya all,

I was reading the Andor 1 manual, and noticed a line in the “ABOUT THE ANDOR 1” subheading:

Our modifications to open-source Omxplayer can be found on our websites, and

I didn’t see anything on the LZX product page, the LZX Github, or the and/or website, and was wondering if this is available somewhere. I’d be curious to poke around a little bit as I’m looking into integrating recorded video into a solo music performance in the somewhat distant future, and have an RPi that’s not being used for anything at the moment.


Currently the Andor 1 software is license-locked per hardware unit sold, and there’s not an open source version available. The developer plans to open source the software some day (probably once the design is discontinued in the future) in order to provide a resource for folks maintaining their own Andor 1 based installations. There are some open source video looper tools out there you could check out for Raspberry Pi.

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Cool, thank you Lars.

Haven’t tried this yet, but actually have a Pi on order right now to do so. Can report back once I’ve experimented a bit.

Okay, got that looper installed and working on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. But, while HDMI output was fine, I couldn’t seem to get the composite output from the patch points to work. Didn’t have time to troubleshoot before the performance I did last weekend, so I just ended up getting another one of these guys:

A little more expensive than a Pi Zero but a lot more user friendly.

Apologies to LZX for posting about an ANDOR1 alternative, but thought it could be helpful to those who don’t need the many more advanced features of the latter.

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Word, I’ve had pretty good luck with the Micca as well. I think the thing that drew me to the ANDOR1 was MIDI control, for example starting a different looping video per song or something. I’ll have to dig around and see how to do that with the Pi Looper/omxplayer :thinking:

anyone looking to buy an andor 1? i purchased one but i want to sell it (to invest into different lzx devices!) i have a basic one, like-new condition. peace

Hey! I’d be interested in your andor player. I need one to replace the one I’m sending to repair.
Would you consider shipping to Switzerland?

sold already thank u

Ian Hunter Foxen
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