Alternate Andor 1 A/V cable for composite video and stereo RCA audio connections

I’ve been trying to scrape together the accessories that I’m missing from my setup but were included in the currently unavailable Deluxe Accessory Pack direct from LZX. I just received the linked cable and can confirm that it passes composite video and stereo audio on the RCA cable when fitted with the included TRS-type converter. Sharing in case its useful information for someone looking for a solution in the US.

Pretty sure you want “Zune AV Cables” like the ones in this link. They seem to be for difficult to find now than several months ago…

Although I can’t vouch for these specific cables… I did have some Zune cables that worked when I had AndOr1s.

These are the ones I used (although not available now…)

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Also useful on the same topic, this post And/or the whole thread:

Andor 1 connections?

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Thanks for the additional information and links. Keeping these details available and refreshing the sources time to time makes the archives here super useful when one goes looking for information.

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