Andor 1 analog output not working

I just received my LZX Andor 1 (deluxe), and I can’t get the analog output to work. I’ve tried the analog output to my CRT, to my new LED TV and to my computer with Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. I’ve also tried with a TBC in the chain. The HDMI port working great to my new LED TV, and I’ve tried to switch the analog output in the menu from NTSC to PAL (I’m in Europe). The picture of the analog output is very glitchy and I can’t even read the menu, it’s just colors messing around.

What do you think? I’m using the cable included in the box, and also tried other cables, but it’s the same problem. Thanks!

Hey, I’m sorry for the trouble. I did fix a bug recently with the NTSC/PAL switch where it would get stuck in NTSC. The following update should fix that issue:

If that doesn’t clear it up, then it might be an issue with the Andor 1 board and we should probably try swapping out your player.

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Thanks Paul! But sorry to say this did not fix the problem.

Hi @paulslocum and @videodept

I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried two andor1 players that were ordered months apart. I can sort of read the menu, so I can confirm it is set for NTSC (I’ve tried changing to PAL and that doesn’t work). I think the problem is that it is trying to output a Composite signal and I’m using RCA (single video and stereo audio); this seems confirmed by the effect on the screen and the fact that all three cables output a similar distorted video signal.

Should also mention I tried the software update you mentioned

Hi John! I contacted the LZX team and it turned out that I’ve got a bad cable. Now I’ve got a new cable from LZX and my Andor works like a charm!


The cable in our deluxe box was faulty, and I guess the other one we had on hand wasn’t compatible. Bought a new one and it works, thanks @videodept !

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Glad you sorted it out, and we’re sorry about the bad cable!

Just wanted to post a big-ups to Lars & Co. for servicing my Andor. I know you guys have your hands full. And, a question: is it possible to order the deluxe Andor accessories, such as the 1/8 to composite cable, a la carte. I’ve had unreliable results from ordering via Amazon, etc. Thx again!

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It should be pointed out here that there are two different standards for TRRS audio + video cables:

I don’t recall off the top of my head which standard Andor 1 uses. I had to go through a few cables before i found one that was compatible.


The one I ordered that works well is the Zune format. If you search for the Zune A/V cables on Amazon, those are the format that works with the Andor.


I’ve had the same issue with these kinds of cables from other makers. The Zune ones seem to have the best quality and have been working for me too. Have to make sure everything is plugged in all the way and snug too.

yeah me too, all my adaptor doesn’t worked… always the glitchy screen

If you get cables that don’t work, get LZX warranty service to send you new ones. There was a batch that accidentally went out with the wrong type of analog cables. Really sorry about that. Our original supplier ran out and the replacements were the wrong type.

This is the one I ordered (I got the Andor1 Basic) and it worked - I ended up ordering a second just in case. I tried a really cheap one off ebay that didn’t work.

Ignore the picture - for some reason it shows a USB C cable. If you look at the reviews, it shows the proper cable.

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