AndOr1 HDMI audio issues

I found the post below on the old forum system. I’m having a similar issue, depending on what device with HDMI I plug the Andor into, I get:

  • HP Monitor with no HDMI audio capability - good analog audio
  • LG commercial flat panel with HDMI audio - good audio over HDMI
  • NEC commercial flat panel with HDMI audio -no audio over HDMI and static on analog out

No audio/static occurs no matter what the Audio setting in pitons is set to (analog or HDMI passthrough)



Hi to all,
My job is Technical Support for Belgrade Cultural Center.
We just buy two Andors Deluxe and with both of them there is no sound thru 1/8" AV cable when HDMI is used, just crackling noise.
We tried without HDMI, just A/V cable, sound is present but with crackling all the time.
In manual clearly states that the analog audio is always on and that is one of the reasons for buying Andor.
Thanks in advance

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@paulslocum Any ideas?

Hi Bill, sorry for the trouble. There is a bug that causes the analog audio to not work with some HDMI monitors. That bug can be fixed by installing the linked update (copy to your USB drive and open the Andor’s menu).

However I have not encountered or had any reports of audio not working over HDMI. Can you give me more detail about the monitor and what kind of cable you’re using?

Thanks Paul, I’ll try this out later today. The NO HDMI audio in the second example of the OP was user error. (no speakers connected) Oops!