Andor 1 Still Images

I’m trying to display still images and get an “unable to display image” message. Video clips work fine, and the inage I’m trying to use I have both a jpeg and png version of, but both give this error message. Is there a format that the andor 1 is looking for (aspect ratio, image size, resolution, etc)? I found details about video in another thread, but nothing related to still images. Thank you :slight_smile:

What are the file sizes and image sizes of your images? Have you tried converting to other formats?

I’m sure the fault is on my end The file sizes are anywhere from a few megs to 30-40. Image sizes of 1920x1080 and larger. I’ve only tried jpeg and png. I’m really just looking for a list of limitations of some sort, to know what image and file sizes are the limits, or what is best-practice. I can work around any limitations, but not knowing what is expected and taking shots in the dark is a little frustrating. The player itself is cool and I’m having fun with some blender renders.

Hey, sorry I missed responding to this one. I haven’t had many problems displaying images, although I know it can’t show really large images. When I was testing, I downloaded a bunch of images from the internet and didn’t really find many that wouldn’t show. I think it also can’t show stuff like 10-bit color. JPG and PNG are typically what I use.

Probably the images I was using were too big. I got a structure synth and had to really downsize images to get them to work; they have a very specific format that’s required. I just need to do more experimenting and see what the max size the andor1 will handle. Really enjoying the box :slight_smile: