Andor 1 Update (Beta)

I’m working on an update for the Andor 1 player. Below is a link to the latest beta version of the software, which you can install by copying the file to your USB drive and then opening the Andor 1’s menu. This update to the software fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of features like MIDI channel selection. It is pretty well tested and should not cause you any issues, but please let me know if you find any problems.

I probably will not add any more major features will this release, although I’m looking into adding the ability to force specific HDMI resolutions and refresh rates. I will be posting another beta release in a week or two.

The changes for version 1.044 are:

  • added MIDI channel selector and MIDI omni mode (omni mode is now default)
  • playlist trigger response time is now faster when synchronization is turned off
  • fixed issue with 1/8" analog audio output not working with some HDMI displays
  • changed synchronization default setting to “off” (only affects USB drives that have never been used with the Andor 1)
  • fixed arrangement inconsistencies when using video wall modes with rotatation modes
  • added support for AC3 Dolby Digital multichannel audio files (.ac3 file extension)
  • added support for non-square pixels to correctly letterbox NTSC and PAL modes
  • reduced warble and other subtle distortions on audio when synchronizing
  • fixed occasional sync issue when using a new USB drive on default channel 99
  • the playlist trigger index is now persistent among synchronized players (a newly booted player will automatically jump to the correct playlist index)
  • the green LED now shows heartbeat when software is running
  • fixed bug with PAL mode not being remembered at startup
  • changed default vsync lock mode to “gentle” to reduce audio distortion and improve monitor compatibility

@paulslocum - is there one format ( FAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT) that performs better than the other or recommended to use with AndOr 1? I typically use a Mac and would be putting larger file sizes on the usb drive? Thanks!

FAT32 works directly with both Mac and PC, but the file size limit is 4GB. NTFS is good but doesn’t work directly with Mac. Use HFS+ if you’re on Mac and don’t have an NTFS driver, but make sure you eject the disk from your Mac before pulling the drive each time.


Hi @paulslocum! Thanks for the exceptionally useful tool! :slight_smile:

I’m checking in to ask if version 1.044 is the most recent update of the Andor 1 software?

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Thanks! It is still the most recent version, and although 1.044 generally works fine and has some new features, I recommend sticking with the original version if you’re doing a lot of syncing because the sync algorithm works slightly better. I’ve been slowly working on an update that fixes some issues and adds a lot of new features. I’m hoping to release it sometime next year.


Thanks for the reply and helpful tips. Best of luck with your work on the next update. :slight_smile:

Two things:

  • the link doesn’t seem to be working. Is it still active?

  • I have your wonderful device and was looking at it to display NFTs. Many of them are generative art that are not fixed videos, but rather lightweight software that play from a via basic browser tech, some better than others. Have you looked into activating the Ethernet port for this? Is this possible with the current device?