What modules should I add?

Looking for recommendations on modules to get to balance my setup. So far I have the following:

Visual Cortex
Prismatic Ray
Sensory Translator
TBC2 (on preorder)
BPMC Fluxus duo
Syntonie cvb001
Random assortment of circuit bent mixers

Based on some research I know that a nice LFO module such as pendulum or malekko ad/lfo-v would be great. I’m basically trying to blend glitchy aesthetics with all the lzx gear. Any help is much appreciated!


LFOs are great for animation. I use a 4ms QPLFO, the Baja LFO is very popular.

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Seems like the Baja lfo is built for video! Ok, I’ll probably do some more digging on that one. Thanks!

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Your setup has a nice variety of generators. Mixing and modulation would be logical next steps.
Adding an LFO like VH.S Baja would definitely be useful. The biggest impact might come from adding more mixing and processing. SMX3 would be excellent for combining all of your signal sources in new creative ways. Contour and Keychain would be great for processing your voltage sources ahead of combination. DSG3, though often used as pattern/ramp generator, is actually a powerful processor that would contribute a unique flavor to your setup. Diver users have been enjoying running its outputs through DSG3–though you can use it to process any signals in your system. Worth considering.


Any ramp generator will be a good addition, but if you like LFOs, I can recommend the Syntonie quadrature oscillator. It’s physically quite deep, being a 4hp module, but wonderful as a QLFO. I also love letting it run in the audio and video ranges and watching it drift.

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Definitely more FKG3s. (And potentially an second TBC2 for your glitch gear) You’ll be able to add RGB layers on top of one another.

Have a look at the Castles. I’m a big fan of ADC & Multigate. Shift Reg and/or Flip Flops are great to turn images into pixel-like chunks. All very useful for hard keying.

On the other end of things, filters are also nice to get some smudgy goodness.


Hey Ryan, a Noise generator like the SNOW from Reverse Landfill or the Sample And Hold module from AFTERLIFE LABORATORIES - Video Motion are worth looking at, especially the latter as it has 2x LFO/OSC outputs.

Something as simple as the Syntonie VU-004 Inverter shouldn’t be overlooked let alone the VU-005 Dual Sine Shaper, VU-008 Phase Shifter and the VU-009 for an additional syncable Oscillator.
The VU-010 would make for a useful if not simple 3x dual input summing mixer.

The Visible Signals GainBrain makes for a useful Crossfader, VCA & Multipler & it’s stable buddy, the V.S. Matrix Mixer is expandable if the basic 2x single input & 1x RGB input channels aren’t enough at a future point. It has 2 buses, each with an RGB Output so tuning in very specific colors for different parts of a patch is easily achieved.

How are your DIY/Soldering skills?

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all those makers also sell build modules, if you are not handy with soldering


And don’t forget


I’d look at Matrix Mixers, Multipliers or Faders (VCAs) for adding complexity since you have a pretty good rack of source signals right now.

If you’re considering LFOs, maybe something from the Audio world that has a Sync input and can switch between VCO/LFO function - to get animation from LFO and at audio VCO rate would add a vertically synced waveform source, scaled down then combined with a multiplier/fader would allow you to generate the iconic wonky-sync look of bent gear. A wavetable osc would be ideal IMO.

Castles or Fortress would be a great addition to get that chunky square “8 bit” look, though going in that direction would be a bit more of a commitment with a few Castles required or a bigger outlay for Fortress.


I think smx is definitely a good choice here. After easy lfo stuff

Gives you a central hub. Addition and subtraction and gain.


DIY/Soldering skills are 0/10! I looked up Video Motion and most of their stuff is sold out at the moment. It seems like the general consensus is to try a matrix mixer and work my way from there.

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I ended up picking up the BAJA lfo


shipping tomorrow! thanks

I’m selling a WMD PDO MKII if you’re interested. It works great for video modulation, and can get pretty up there in frequency to be used as a VCO.

Maestro from acid rain is a nice lfo master source. There is an alternative firmware ou there for 1v. Its a very performance friendly module,with presets etc.


Excellent choice … I have three of them. The thing that’s unique about Bajascillator is the six phase options. Much better than standard quadrature oscillator for manipulating three RGB values.

Do you have any more Info on this 1v firmware? I cannot find it anywhere.

It’s not an alternate firmware, it is a setting in the txt file that you need to change from false to true. I don’t remember the exact verbiage, but acid rain support can get you all the details to do it right.