LZX Modules best suited for glitch

I’m slowly piecing together equipment to do glitch effects on live camera / pre-recorded video sources. Up until now, that’s mostly meant using standalone devices such as those from Syntonie, Tachyons+, BPMC, etc. But with the release of the BPMC Fluxus Duo, I’ve been looking more at what Eurorack modules would complement a glitch setup. It seems like the dream would be to start with a Memory Palace and TBC2, but between the price increases and the production times I’m probably not doing that anytime soon. What other LZX units would be useful for glitch effects? Sensory Translator seems great for anything with CV inputs. I’m intrigued by War of the Ants but am unsure how to incorporate it into a largely composite video setup. I’m also unsure which if any of the Cadet or Castle modules might be helpful. Anyone have any suggestions?

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It depends on your particular glitch aesthetic. Cortex has a bunch of useful tools (mixer/keyed/solarization/ramps) in a tidy package. Castle is amazing for segmented/cellular patterns. If you want more organic rainbow banding type effects then Staircase probably ought to be at the top of your list.


it depends on what kind of glitch type effects you are looking for

oscillators can give some great glitch effects when you use video to sync

it can also be fun to use something like passage to modulate sync signals getting sent around the system

also feedback within your patching gives great glitchy and unpredictable results


I’d get a Mapper Module and bend it, or ask someone capable to bend it. I don’t really know if Its ok to recommend circuit-bending LXZ gear here, but if you want glitches, well, that’s how you get glitches, lol.
And there are very capable glitch-benders out there, and in here, I would imagine…


If you’re just starting out with LZX stuff and don’t want to build a big system, Vidiot gives you the most immediate gratification and bang for your buck. It can’t get a full-color image in, but there is a lot of territory to explore with colorizing a b&w image. And it’s a feedback monster.

If you think you will eventually have a bigger system, Visual Cortex may be the place to start. But its abilities are fairly limited on its own.

I’m just a few months ahead of you on somewhat the same journey (starting with a lot of composite gear, BPMC stuff, etc.), so I don’t have a ton of LZX gear yet. But I will say that Castle modules are pretty interesting. The ADC has potential for “misuse” by simply treating its 3 outputs as hard key generators and not bothering with a DAC. And the shift register is a great effect (especially in tandem with Vidiot feedback, like in this messy little video I made). Those are the two I’ve built so far, but may get some more.

I also got in on the Sandin giveaway and those are great. If someone does remake those boards (there was talk of that happening), they’re definitely something different than you will get with composite gear. Curtain gets you into similar territory as well, I think. And just running LZX video through an audio filter can get you some interesting effects too.

great use of shift reg :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I wound up getting a good deal on a used Visual Cortex and a couple of other modules, so I’m gonna just start playing around with those and see where it takes me. Thanks again.

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