Visualizing different channels

hi there,
how is this made possible (see image) ?
i would love to visualize different sources on one screen.
best wished

black magic design ATEM tv studio HD
was mentioned by lars a couple times in the facebook group

there are some alternative methods here

these are a good place to start

OBS can be used to view/record/broadcast multiple inputs. It’s free and open source. Super solid, very flexible. I use OBS to stream with multiple capture devices and cameras simultaneously. And yes, you can throw animated gifs in there too!



It is a multiviewer output that is common on most video switchers. This is a 10 way multiviewer where eight different sources are shown in the smaller fields on the bottom and the preview and program content are in the larger fields (as well as indicted by red and green tally down below). I think BlackMagic now make a simple 4 field multiviewer now that is inexpensive.


the multiview is only $185 not too bad if you are already in with an SDI workflow