Recording with two cameras

I am considering getting a second video camera so I can record two angles simultaneously. I’ve never attempted this before. I have a basic Sony HC-V180 and it does everything I need it to do, I quite like it actually.

I was thinking of getting the same Sony camera again unless someone can suggest otherwise for this purpose?

So I will record with the two cameras, then import the footage into Sony Vegas - I can just try and align them together here by eye and maybe that is the best option as it might work well enough and save me outlaying more money.

Just wondering what other options (software / hardware) are typically out there for this procedure?


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For clarity, what exactly are you looking to record? You mention two angles so I’m guessing that you May be talking about video camera rescanning of a monitor feed? Or are using the cameras to capture different outputs in your signal chain? A few more details on your particular workflow and desired outcomes may help others help you. :slight_smile:


Yeah sure I’ll explain some more.

I’m not doing anything fancy, not even worried about effects in signal chains or anything. I want to record myself from an elevated position working on two computers - this is one angle. For the second angle I want another camera recording what is displayed on a large monitor that sits behind me and out of the shot of the first camera. It’s important I can sync the output files together in a sequencer such as Sony Vegas. This is something I have never attempted before and I am wondering if there are any typical methods or processes to make it easier. Otherwise I will match the output files by eye in Vegas, and it’s important they are synced well.

I am aware I could simply record the output of the monitor, but that’s not how I want to do it.


Clap once at the beginning of the recording and then align the two audio peaks. Super easy.

Using audio to align videos (Adobe Premiere will even do it automatically, but it is not hard to do manually) is much easier than eyeballing frames.


For the sake of giving another option:

You could buy two webcams and input both cams simultaneously into OBS. Set up the composition once the first time. Zero post, or syncing required.
Could be a convenient time saver, downside would be that you can’t change the composition after the fact.


Thanks I think the clap will suffice here. I got a second camera identical to my other one, things are going to get crazy once I get my TBC2 for my 2 x Visual Cortex.