Media player with ext sync



does anyone know a media player with ext sync to use with the seconds inputs of VC ?


What do you mean the “second inputs of VC”?
Can you explain a little more detail about what you want to do?

I don’t personally know of such a media player, but one may very well exist. I think a more common work around is to synchronize the outputs of separate devices with something like a Time Base corrector. In which case you can use any media player and synchronize it with any other video source.


i m talking about the rgb inputs on the right side.
i think you re right the best thing is to preorder tbc2


TBC2 will solve the problem easily. The other option is to get an external frame synchronizer unit with genlock input and YPbPr output. I’m not aware of existing media player w/genlock and analog outs options, I think you need a converter/synchronizer either way.