Bitvision Synth


I just finished the bitvision kit and it’s pretty dope. Was wondering if it was possible to maximize the screen. As you can see here it’s a bit off center. And its like that will all my monitors.

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Hey blabberbytes!
Bitvision naturally underscans (code related). If you want it full screen you’ll probably have to zoom in with a mixer or some kind of post-processing.


Hey @blabberbytes
We’ve pulled our hair out a lot about this issue. As a simple inexpensive solution we’ve found that using a
‘4 Channel CCTV Quad Splitter Video Camera Processor System Kits Switcher 5 BNC’ works well because it has a zoom function. It only zooms toward the center of the screen but it does grab an excellent section of the BitVision output. We found the item listed on Amazon & eBay. It is basically a simple 4 way video switcher with remote and picture in picture options so it is a nice untility box for many uses in a video setup. Here’s a link to one, I know you can use your Google fu to find it cheaper, as we did. Most newer Roland Video mixers & switchers have zoom function too, but’s that’s a different level of expenditure.


Oh hey wassup @Fritz didn’t realize it was you, MH!


Hey @Tremendm_Labs!

Oh! you think you’re soooo clever with your “solution”… that I will be purchasing and using right away.



Thanks, I will check this out! I now have another Issue now lol that I have a post for here.

If you could help that would be appreciated. Thanks!