Bitvision stopped working?


So I been playing around with my Bitvision 1.2 kit that i built and I think it stopped working after i tried to change some colors on the palette. Or maybe it decided to not work because of my bad soldering?!? lol

Anyways I was having trouble getting AVR studio recognizing my programmer for the longest time. Eventually moved to an older WIN 7 with USB 2.0 laptop and I was able to get the USBTiny Drivers to work by using the libusb-win32(the latest i think). The computer recognized the Pocket AVR Programmer

now but AVR studio 5 still didnt. So I ended up following this tutorial

where I had to download AVRdude and set up an external Device. Im still not sure how to “build” as I have pressed f7 and nothing happens but, when I loaded up the external device, I noticed that the LEDs on the Bitvision were not on anymore. When I plugged it into the CRT no more video. :frowning:

I used the source code from this link:

When I downloaded it it was titled “1.0” so maybe I just need the 1.2 version and It will work again? Or maybe I just suck at soldering and it decided to stop working? Everytime I try to load the new code though, the two LEDs Blink, but thats all I can get from it now. HAAALP!

Bitvision Synth