Bitvision stopped working?

So I been playing around with my Bitvision 1.2 kit that i built and I think it stopped working after i tried to change some colors on the palette. Or maybe it decided to not work because of my bad soldering?!? lol

Anyways I was having trouble getting AVR studio recognizing my programmer for the longest time. Eventually moved to an older WIN 7 with USB 2.0 laptop and I was able to get the USBTiny Drivers to work by using the libusb-win32(the latest i think). The computer recognized the Pocket AVR Programmer

now but AVR studio 5 still didnt. So I ended up following this tutorial

where I had to download AVRdude and set up an external Device. Im still not sure how to “build” as I have pressed f7 and nothing happens but, when I loaded up the external device, I noticed that the LEDs on the Bitvision were not on anymore. When I plugged it into the CRT no more video. :frowning:

I used the source code from this link:

When I downloaded it it was titled “1.0” so maybe I just need the 1.2 version and It will work again? Or maybe I just suck at soldering and it decided to stop working? Everytime I try to load the new code though, the two LEDs Blink, but thats all I can get from it now. HAAALP!

Can some point please point me in a direction with this? I have time to work on this again an im at a loss really. I think i have an xp machine tucked away somewhere that i will try using when i have time. Thanks.

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Bitvision or this toolchain in particular, but it sounds like you’re able to successfully launch firmware. Is it possible to use AVR Studio like this to launch a debugger, to maybe help figure out if something in the code is crashing? Also if you think there might be a hardware problem, do you mind posting photos of your solder joints?

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Here’s some pics. It was working fine until i tried to load a file on it.

from a soldering point of view, I’d say clean your pcb and then see if there are any pads that need reflowing. From the look of it there could be some points of interest.
Better to cancel those out of the equation.
c13 and the trimmer are left out on purpose?

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Those are optional.

Anyone on this site maybe be down to take a look at it if I send it out? Id be down to pay for repairs. Thanks

Have you tried sending an email to LZX Support? They might be able to help.

Yes, apparently the bitvision isnt supported anymore which i understand. Still trying to get this to work tho so if someone wants to help me out I’d be really appreciative.